Saturday, March 25, 2017

Ktag Ksuite 2.08 download for Ktag fw 6.070 internet connection issues

Here is a customer solution (@ecuconnet ) of ktag sw: v2.13 hw: v6.070 internet connection. The solution here is aimed to solve all grey buttons in ktag interface.

Issues: all grey in ktag

the solution to solve...
1 install ksuit 2.08
2 download the file
3 the file have 3 parts (sd card, update too ksuit, nxp bin if necessary)
4 put the file update in the past off ksuit 2.08
5 use a new sd card ( in my case the old one doesn't work )
6 copy the file to sd card
7 open ksuit the ksuit update auto
attach the link of the file to download:
incl. KTag 6.070 update - KSUITE
KTag 6.070 update - NXP BIN
KTag 6.070 update - SD CARD

Ktag programmer i’m using:

Attention please!!!!!!!!
Tip 1: if works after install the ksuit that you want, if doesn't work you have to re-flash the nxp the file is there for me was not necessary
Tip 2: doesn't use the internet when the tool is connected
Tip 3: this information is not mine, is work off some search in forum and help off some users
(big thanks to the contributor @ecuconnet in the MH community)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

GDS2 & Tech2Win Windows 7 install for Vxdiag vcx nano GM

VXDIAG VCX NANO for GM has been tested 100% working with gm/opel diagnostic software GDS2 and Tech2Win, which replaces GM TECH2 and MDI with success. So, how to setup GDS2 and Tech2Win for auto diagnostics through the vxdiag vcx nano diagnostic tool? Here you go.
Two parts incl.:
Part 1: Install GDS2 on WIN7/8 64bit
Part 2: Install Tech2Win
OS (Operation System):
1) GDS2: WIN7/8 64bit and install VMware player
2) Tech2Win: xp, win7 64bit or win8 64bit
Procedure: run GDS2 and Tech2Win on VXDIAG VCX NANO interface
Par 1. Install GDS2 on WIN7/8 64bit
Insert the CD into the computer running WIN7/8 64bit

 Firstly Install VMware player
1) Open DVD, click “VMware player” to finish VMware Player setup.
 2). Back to the DVD files, copy the folder “GDS2 VM”, then paste it into you local disk for example Local Disk(E:)
3). Go to the desktop, open “VMware Player”.
 4). Load “GDS2 VM”, open “Win_XP_GDS_11_2014”
 5) Play virtual machine
 6) Disable network connection before continue operating.
Go to “My Computer”, then device manager, check if the “USB Serial Port (Com3)” display.
 7) Open “VX Manager” on the desktop.

 8)Open “GDS2” on the desktop. Click “Diagnostic”.

 9) Select car model year from 2009 to 2015.
 10) Take 2009 Buick Regal 2.0L (LDK) for example. Next is to select diagnostic options, then module, then Engine identifier, then go to diagnostic trouble code.

 11) Go home and close application.
– Diagnose GM vehicles via Wifi procedure
1) Connect “VCX-Wifi”, open “VX Manger” on the desktop, click “Configure”, select connection type: Wlan, then “Save”.
 2) Again open “VX Manger” to check VCX unit information after connect wifi.
 The following operation procedure is as same as that via USB.
Par 2. Install Tech2Win
OS: xp, win7 64bit or win8 64bit
1) Open DVD, unzip “Tech2Win11.27” file to the desktop, copy “VX Manager” to the desktop.
2) Open “Tech2Win11.27” file on the desktop, open “AutoInstall” to install GM MDI and Tech2Win.

 2) Open “VX Manager” on the desktop to install VCX SDK Driver.
 3) Go to the right corner of the desktop, click “JS” to connect to the network, then select “Work network”.
– Diagnose GM vehicles via USB procedure
Connect device to the computer by USB
5) Open “VX Manager”, check VCX NANO device information.
 6) Click incon “Diagnostc Apps”- “GM GDS2/Tech3”, click “Install”
 Open “Tech2Win”, choose a market area among Chevrolet, China1, default, North American, Opel and Quickstart”, here I choose “North American”. Then come to Tech2-SCREEN, press ENTER to continue to main menu- model year – vehicle type,

 – Diagnose GM vehicles via Wifi procedure
1) Connect VCX-Wifi
2) Open “VX Manger”, select “Configure”, then “Wlan”, then “Save”

3) Click “Tech2Win” to diagnose, the following operation procedure is as same as that via USB.


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